Exchange Control

For Business Travelers

Namibia Bureau de Change adheres to the Exchange Control rules and regulations as laid down by the Bank of Namibia. We entertain the submission of any type of application to Bank of Namibia for issues not prescribed in the Exchange Control rules and Regulations at a certain cost depending on the urgency or complexity of the application.

Omnibus Allowance

This is a facility that can be utilized by companies when they are aware that their delegates may travel more often on business on behalf of the company thereby exceeding their permissible allowance of N$2 million annum.

The Authorized Dealer can provide a facility of up to N$2 million without Bank of Namibia approval provide the limit is well controlled not to exceed the applicable N$2 million. In this regard the client should also keep control to give feedback to the Authorized Dealer to in turn submit an Exchange Control application to the Bank of Namibia confirming the extent to which the authority was utilized.

The Exchange Control application should contain the names, ID numbers amounts issued and amounts repatriated. If more then N$2 million is required per company a fully motivated application can be submitted to the Bank of Namibia containing the following application:

  • Overview of the business of the company
  • Vie an official letterhead from the company authorising the trips
  • Amount of Delegates that will use the facility
  • Countries that would be visited
  • Overall amount required
  • Amounts required per trip

The applicable authorized dealer would then do the same reporting as above after each calendar year.